Hi, my name is Louise, and I’ve been a client of Verve, and Michelle and Gary in particular, since 2015.

Initially, it was about having mortgage advice and getting a mortgage advisor to buy a house with my then fiancé. But since then, it’s been a lot more about investments, and then what to do with a pension payout, as in a lump sum, and get the most for our money, that was really important.

Sometimes, when you change addresses, you know, a couple of times in five years, it can affect how you apply for a mortgage. But Michelle and Gary were great, and they kept pushing and made sure that I was given all the available products that would have accepted us for a mortgage, and that was really important. So yes, that was probably the main challenge, and the rest of it, Gary and Michelle made really easy.

They came up in our local financial planning service search and word of mouth as well, because in the estate that we eventually bought, they’d done a lot of people’s mortgage advice, and they’ve been really, really successful.

They are so approachable. They know what they’re talking about, both from a family point of view and from an expert point of view, rather than just somebody you don’t really know, somebody you don’t really link with but might be an expert. They all come together, and it’s a package.

What’s really impressive about Verve is they are genuinely passionate about setting out your financial future, whether you’re 19 or 90, especially if you haven’t got a clue what you want your money to do, or what you want your money to go towards. They’ll help you set out a plan and put it into action, not just plan it and do nothing but put it into action to get that first car if you’re 19. Or to sort out your inheritance if you’re 90.

The best thing about working with Verve is that we’ve actually become friends with them, and you know, our friends are our financial advisers, and our financial advisers are our friends.

I actually feel safer working with Verve than trying to go it alone, especially with the way things are in the UK at the minute with, you know, interest rates and the potential recession, they are looking after our money for us and that’s really important.

What they can show you is how your money is going to grow over time, and that was brilliant seeing that actually, I am going to end up with a bit of money if I keep saving, I am going to end up with a bit of money if I keep investing, and they showed me how and got it sorted.

They genuinely want the best for the individual first, then the individual’s money, and then the future of that individual. So, they genuinely want the best, not just as a strapline or anything like that. It’s a genuine need to see people financially secure and confident, and emotionally confident as well. And that really came across when you first get an appointment.

The best bit of advice that Verve gave us was, “sit tight.” So, when you first go into a mortgage, or you first go into an investment, it can be quite scary, and you might want to change or bring your money back out or do something different but the best bit of advice they gave me, and my husband was, “sit tight, it will start to grow.”

I would recommend getting no-obligation advice from Verve just to see what is out there because before we worked with Verve as a couple, we didn’t know what was out there to invest our money in or how to do a mortgage cleverly in the environment at the time. So, without any obligation, go and get the advice. I recommend that to anyone for mortgages, pensions, investments and anything you’re not fully financially confident about. They will reassure you and hold your hand through any of it.

Verve is genuinely passionate about your financial future, whether you’re 19 or 90.


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