My name is Juliette. I’ve been a client of Verve for the past four years, and my adviser is Michelle Boakes.

I got in touch with Verve because I was looking for a mortgage following a relationship breakdown.

My earning capacity was significantly less because I had given up work to care for my children. I did have other sources of income, and it was trying to find a mortgage provider who would accept those and look at those in addition to my earning capacity, so that was why I approached Michelle.

I knew about Verve from a previous financial adviser that I had used for other financial issues in the past. So, I didn’t know about Michelle, and that’s how I met up with her initially.

She was really open, very friendly, very understanding and very non-judgemental of my situation, she’d had a lot of previous experience with clients who had gone through similar and knew how to help them with the financial challenges. When you’re in that situation, it’s difficult to get a high street bank to actually listen to where you are, and I’d had the door closed on me a few times. When I approached Michelle, I felt very confident that she would be able to help me.

I really love working with Michelle, she is very relatable. She secured me a mortgage when nobody else would, she worked so hard, and for several weeks, to contact various providers on my behalf and eventually she did get me the ideal mortgage. So, I’m very happy in my home now with my kids in the space that we need. Currently, she is also arranging my pension update.

Three words I would use to describe Michelle would be hard-working, kind and empathetic.

I do feel very secure. I can contact her at any time and we also have an annual meeting to go over my pension and the future. When I get to the end of my fixed rates, we might look at another mortgage to see if I can get a better deal on that as well. So, those options are always open to me.

If it wasn’t for Michelle, it would have impacted all aspects of my life and my kids’ lives. So, I feel very confident and very assured that Michelle has helped me hugely and will do so in the future.

The best piece of advice they’ve been able to give me, I mean, hands down, would be the mortgage. I know that Michelle spent several weeks looking for that mortgage for me, she went the extra mile, and she went above and beyond for me.

I would highly recommend Michelle and Verve; they have helped me so much. They see the bigger picture. They are able to approach financial institutions on my behalf in a way that I couldn’t, to enable me to secure the mortgage that I needed and to give me the quality of life that I do have now and that I’ve been able to provide for my kids. So yes, absolutely, I would highly recommend them and have already done so to friends.

I really love working with Michelle, she went above and beyond to help me get my ideal mortgage


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