Your complete guide to financial protection

Rain falling on a brightly coloured umbrella

Financial protection is an important part of creating long-term security. Yet, it’s something that many people overlook. Appropriate financial protection can provide you or your family with an income or lump sum when you need it most. It can create a valuable safety net and help ensure you’re still able to meet financial commitments if […]

Your comprehensive timeline for building your long-term wealth

If you want to save for your financial future, there’s no better time to start than now. But while you might be certain that you want to save more, it can sometimes be hard to know how much you should be saving. One of the biggest financial goals that many people put money aside for […]

Why prioritising saving over protection can hurt your long-term financial wellbeing

When planning for the unexpected, one of the best ways to absorb financial shocks is to have protection in place. However, recent studies have found that many Brits would prefer to save rather than find appropriate cover. If the pandemic has made you re-evaluate your financial stability, finding the right financial protection can be essential […]

The dangers of DIY investing and the value of seeking financial advice

In recent months, there has been a surge of people getting involved in investing, typically with little financial experience. While there are many good reasons to invest, doing so without being able to make informed decisions can have serious consequences. If you’re interested in growing your wealth through investing and want to know more, read […]

How to teach your children about money

Teaching your children about money is an indispensable life lesson that will boost their chances of a financially secure adulthood. The thought of explaining saving and budgeting to a bored pre-schooler or grumpy teenager might fill you with dread. However, there are lots of ways of making finance interesting, no matter how old your children […]

How to balance paying off debts with saving for your future

The start of a new year is a great time to commit to paying off debts and starting to save for your future. But this isn’t always as straightforward as it may seem. If you have several debts, it can be difficult to decide which ones to pay off first. You might also be confused […]

The dos and don’ts of Christmas spending

Christmas is the season of spending time with loved ones, cuddling up in front of a festive film, and eating too many mince pies. It’s also the season of many, many presents. Christmas can come with a hefty price tag which, if you don’t plan carefully, could cause a major dent in your finances. To […]

3 things you should know if you’re planning to become the Bank of Mum and Dad

If your children are struggling to get a foot onto the housing ladder, you might be thinking about lending a helping hand. You’re certainly not alone. According to The Family Building Society shows some parents have resorted to taking money out of their pension to help their children buy a house, with 5% of the […]

5 ways a financial adviser can help you with your finances

Like most people, the first time you spoke to a financial adviser was probably when you bought your first home. After all, a financial adviser is the most qualified person to reach out to for advice on securing the right mortgage. You might not realise it, but financial advisers can help you in lots of […]